NEW - Rwanda is now full.  We are now placing people on a waiting list.  If you have RSVPed and have not yet deposited or paid, your space will be released to the next person on the waiting list on February 1st. 

NEW Updated Milan pricing Jan 18th.  We have had to increase the pricing for Milan due to sharp declines in the US dollar.  Those who have already deposited are protected.  Those who have not will have to pay the higher rate.

Some pages don’t display correctly. If you are experiencing difficulty reading some of the pages on this site, please try clearing your browser cache.  Click here for instructions.  If this does not work, please email us.

OMR/AUD/EUR payments.  If you are paying by wire, we can accept payment in Omani OMR, EURO or Australian AUD.  Please let us know when ordering if you prefer this option so we can invoice you correctly.  All other payments will be in US Dollars.

Australians have overwhelmingly voted for marriage equality.  2018 wil usher in a new era for the GLBT community.  Australians proved how much better they are than their government (sound familiar?).  Come and celebrate with us in Melbourne!

We are happy to offer higher value and lower pricing for Rwanda.  The package now includes VIP airport service, Monkey treks, extra excursions and an entry price $725 lower than before…  We are working on getting pricing down!

We are offering a $200 discount per person for each international (non-US) destination after the first.  Book 2 international destinations, save $200.  Book 3, save $400.  Book 4, save $600.  Book 5, save $800. 

Milan Pricing - We have “unbundled” rooms and Opera Tickets in Milan for those wishing to book those elements on their own.  All tours will leave from the chosen hotel Palazzo Parigi and you will need to arrange transportation from your hotel if you book on your own.  Please note that the hotel packages INCLUDE everything in the events only package, and also offer hotel rooms with breakfast.

I just want to attend one tour and one dinner - can you provide a-la-carte pricing?  Reggie has asked us not to further unbundle the packages as this would complicate management and increase per person charges for all.

Why does pricing change on your site?  There are 2 reasons for this.  First, for Italy, Oman and Australia, our costs are in local currencies, exchange rates are variable and we update USD pricing on a weekly basis.  Second, we are constantly trying to secure better rates based on market conditions and booking volumes, so occasionally modify the package pricing.  Those who have already booked will benefit from any cost savings in the form of a credit.  Those who have not paid will be subject to the new pricing.

Looking for a Roommate?  We do get requests for people wanting to share a room - email us if you’re traveling solo and are looking!!  We won’t promise marital bliss or lifetime friendship, but it might be a solution if you’re looking to save and travel.   Let us know your preferences (woman/man, etc)…

I am interested in attending the whole trip.  How much are round-the-world (RTW) fares?   We have priced out RTW fares for this itinerary from NYC at about $5000 in economy and between $14-17K in business.  The standard “passes” by star-alliance, oneworld and skyteam don’t work well for this itinerary, so we have called on RTW experts for custom quotes.  If you need a quotation, please fill out the fields in the RSVP section.

Rwanda Gorilla Permits must be booked URGENTLY.    They are in short supply - only 80 are issued per day and Rwanda is the only country that is now safe to view them.  Please book ASAP if you are interested as we have to purchase them early.

Are Mountain Gorillas dangerous to people?   Generally, gorillas are very shy and reserved towards people. They will attack only if they are surprised or threatened or if a person behaves in the wrong way. If the human makes an unexpected movement, the silverback male can react with horrific roaring and bluff charges. This means that he runs straight to the victim with great speed and stops just in front of him, sometimes at a distance of only 1 m. If the person then behaves submissively by crouching down and looking at the ground, he has nothing to fear. However, if he runs away instead, the excited gorilla is provoked even further: He will follow the fugitive and bite him into the body part he can seize first, most frequently a leg or buttock. The result of such an attack usually is a deep wound.

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